GIS 520 Spatial Problem Solving

Linear Referencing



This problem presented challenges of mining feature data to identify accidents along specific routes and pavement types. The task was intersecting certain discrete features along a linear route, which can be in the form of a point or a line.

Analysis Procedures

The linear features don't have X-Y coordinates, but does utilize its own geometry. Since I know this, I don't have to worry about georeferencing the features; I just need to identify the features that I want to use. From this geometry I am able to create event layers of the needed features over the route in question.














Here you can see the accidents marked over certain pavement types (events) along the designated route. Because some of the features have starting and stopping points, they can be measured if necessary.




























Application and Reflection

This is a very useful and widely applicable theme in GIS 520. Anywhere you have a line or point that intersects with another line, there is a possibility to linear reference those features. It's something that just about any analysis can benefit greatly from, whether it's wildlife management, logistics and transportation companies, city planners, civil engineers or oil companies.

Problem Description

An oil company wants to linear reference a new pipeline with roads, with the idea of being able to quickly access any pipes that may be leaking or need servicing. You also want to know what the distance is between each road along the pipeline.

Data Needed

A local shapefile map of the area around the pipeline that contains roads. A database file with the new pipeline information that contains such features as length and flow capacity.

Analysis Procedures

Since I am only looking for one intersect feature, this is rather simple. A 'Make Route Event Layer' will need to be completed so that the road and pipeline intersects can be identified. After that if any measurements of the pipe segments between roads is to be calculated, I will need to add a field to the attribute table for the kind of distance calculation you want to perform.